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Women may have a hard time to answer it honestly. Most are a bit biased due to their own breast size. I myself like big tits and think they are sexier. For me, it's probably cause I have some big ones. LOL I always thought guys preferred curvy women with big butts and big boobs.

Yep, I agree. I'm 5'4 with blue eyes and sandy blond hair. I have big tittys with a small waist and plump little ass. I personally think girls with bigger tits are more attractive. Ha, I wish I was taller and black hair. :(

My big tits have helped with NOT getting a couple of speed tickets in the past. hehe

Speaking of big tittys, I've been thinking about looking into a breast reduction surgery. My shoulders and back hurt so bad. Bra's are hard to find. Hard to find clothes that fit right. All because of my big tits. Not worth it, imo.

Tickets? Me too! Mine are big, and real and they are beautiful!! I think that the girls who have issues with fake tits or real tits are girls that have some sort of body image problem or self esteen problem. Where I live there are no plastic surgeons even close. Real small town in the West. I think I can only remember just two girls from my town who had any type of boob surgery. One had a breast reduction cause her's were SO HUGE. They gave her back problems and just killed her shoulders. I understand that totally. The other girl was a young girl and very, very pretty. She and her hubby saved up so she could get implants. They were able to save up about 1/2. The remaining 1/2 they took a bank loan out for. I couldn't believe it. Tit loans. She got them and months later showed them to me. I admit, they were very nice. She was about a b cup before and went to a DD cup. Firm and stood up nicely. Both of them told me about the crazy amount of pain they were in after their surgeries. When they told me about removing and reattaching their nipples, I knew right there I would never do it. Mine are big and they will stay that way.

To be honest I like small natural tits. A's and B's are perfect to me. I don't know what it is. I can't stand the sight of big saggy boobs. I'd rather have the small perky tits with a tight body. Not much beats a slim girl with perky, small boobies. I think they are gorgeous! To each their own. There is quite a variety for us to enjoy out there.

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